Over the past few decades, streetwear has been defined by a variety of trends. Some were fleeting in nature, others were, and have been, more prolonged in duration. In the latest episode of Highsnobiety TV, we take a look at the streetwear fads that have come, gone and persisted.

Directed by Ben Sandall and Redd Hutchinson, the video examines a few of the most decisive looks from over the years, while, concurrently, illustrating how streetwear fashion has changed course so many times since first attaching itself to punk culture.

Presented as a “day in the life,” throughout the clip you’ll find bits and pieces of Vision Street Wear, West Coast hip-hop, ’80s Stussy, maharishi, the rainbow-colored BAPE explosion, Stone Island, golden age of Supreme (2010-2012), Carhartt APC, Rick Owens-esque looks, street goth Givenchy, and even present-day normcore.

To see just how far streetwear has come, be sure to check out our London and New York December street style reports.

  • Directed by: Ben Sandall & Redd Hutchinson
  • Director of Photography: Ben Sandall
  • Stylist: Atip W
  • Styling Assistant: Seth Footring
  • Casting: Ian K Bird
  • Models: James & Koen @ Select Models & Corbyn
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