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A lot of people talk about renting a droptop Cadillac and taking to America’s roads like a modern day Jack Kerouac, but few actually ever end up living out that beat generation cliche. Photographer Ryann Ford is one person that did, though (minus the Caddy part, we assume), and she snapped all the abandoned roadside rest stops that she passed along the way.

Many of those rest stops have now been compiled into a photo book titled The Last Stop: Vanishing Rest Stops of the American Roadside. Published by powerHouse books, it includes 75 such structures that lie dotted along the famed Route 66, amid the arid landscapes of Texas, New Mexico, California and the rest of the south west United States.

They’re the last vestiges of a bygone era, rendered obsolete by the ever-increasing affordability of air travel. There’s a tragically eerie beauty of these roadside relics – abandoned by history and a world that has passed them by, kind of like the drivers that they were created to serve.

The 176-page tome is set for a June release, and will retail for $45.

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