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First there was Girls, and then along came a fresher, raunchier and more subversive antithesis to Lena Dunham’s hipster-leaning piece de resistance. It is appropriately titled Broad City, and its scuzz-ball charm wouldn’t be complete without a complementing soundtrack. That’s where the show’s music supervisor, Matt FX Feldman, comes into the picture.

As a teen Matt got his start when by happy accident he was given the opportunity to work on MTV’s short-lived remake of the British series Skins. Since then, the 24-year-old has traveled the world as a DJ, music creative, and of course, a consummate sneaker head. Through it all, his favorite shoes have come along for the ride. He shared some of his most-prized footwear with us, alongside some tracks that fit the mood…

Puma x Size – Blaze of Glory Wilderness Pack

“I’m kicking off this list with an overlooked pair of kicks from 2014: the Puma x Size Blaze of Glory collab from the Wilderness pack. This shoe has always given me warm jungle summer vibes so I figured it’d be dope to also start off with a tune that has always treated my summer DJ sets well.

I’ve been DJing and throwing parties with friends for years now as Tribes NY. This track is pretty much the unofficial Tribes theme song.”

Yeezy Boost 350 – Moonrock

“One of the dudes from Tribes is a brilliant DJ known as Hiyawatha. We go back years (I may or may not have taught him how to spin). Last Christmas he hit me to tell me that he might have something good for me. He was quick to clarify that he hadn’t bought anything for me but that he would be giving me something. Little did I know he meant the Moonrock Yeezys he’d copped that were a size too big for him! On some sword in the stone sh*t, they are now mine.

For a tune, I picked a track from someone I TRULY believe is as one-of-a-kind as Kanye West himself, and has the potential to be just as big, Smino Brown. Check out his latest fire and if you f**k with it do yourself a favor and go back to his Sick! Sick! Sick! & BlkJuptr EPs.”

Doc Martens x Supreme – 4 Eye Baby Blue

“One of the main reasons the Yeezys blew me away was because I’m not really the type to spend more than $100 to $150 on kicks. In fact, the only other pair on this list above that line is this pair of Doc Martens. I went through high school pretty much wearing oxblood Docs whenever I wasn’t in dunks, and this baby blue Supreme collab is just too fresh to not have in the arsenal.

Kicks like this need a classy, sexy tune, on some Soho House smooth, dance floor sh*t. That’s why I picked new god Nick Monaco’s edit of Mizan’s “Looking For” – it’s super groovy.”

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals – JS Wings Gold Foil

“I copped these for like 15% of the original price at an Opening Ceremony sample sale. Apparently I went during the last couple hours of the last day after rolling out of bed late one afternoon. I remember  feeling so out of place there, unshowered in a tank top with my hair totally unkempt and sh*t. This was actually the only pair that was in my size, and even though I’ve never worn them out (and not sure if I will, realistically), I figured I just had to cop them for the price.

I paired this track with a live recording from an actual genius and virtuoso controllerist, Shawn Wasabi. He 100% embodies the maximalist vibe of the shoes with his ridiculously colorful live mashups – if you’ve yet to see the video for this, go check it out.”

Gourmet Quadici Lite Boot – White

“I been f**king with Gourmet since the beginning – I love a good underdog story. I think the work they’ve done mashing up classic silhouettes for the ready-to-wear market is definitely a huge proponent in the now-blurred line between streetwear and cut-and-sew. For these Quadici I actually relaced them with the KITH 3M laces, which totally breathes new life into the shoe, IMO.

Since these are my go-to rain boot now I figured I’d pair with a rainy day jam…”

Gourmet 35 Lite – Leopard

“Speaking of Gourmet, I don’t think I’ve ever received as many compliments from random people as I have in this pair of Leopard print 35s. I wasn’t really too sure how often I’d be rocking these when I copped, now I don’t out of concern that they’ll get too beat up.

On some visual sh*t, these shoes remind me of the cover of P. Morris’s brilliant – and overlooked – Daydream EP from last year. My favorite tune on that track is some chilled-out, goomba wizardry. Seriously, get blazed and turn this sh*t up. It’s actually magic.”

Nike Dunk Hi – Samurai

“SERIOUS THROWBACK ALERT: This is the first pair of dunks I ever owned. I was in the 10th grade and it was just after my first big (post virginity loss) breakup. So I decided I was going to up my swag level to 9000 and started with this limited, and loud, pony fur Nike drop from the Samurai pack.

Remember when ‘Nü-Rave’ was gonna be a thing? These kicks take me right back. Those were the very garish and very unstylish days..”

adidas Originals – Top Ten Hi (Year of the Boar)

“I remember copping these adidas back in high school within a week of the drop. As a born-and-raised New Yorker with a super Chinese mother I’ve always felt an urge to stay connected to my heritage. At the time, there really wasn’t much swaggy Asian-influenced sh*t coming out. Now it feels like every other producer, band, or singer is putting Chinese characters on their album cover, but that’s a different gripe for a totally different feature…

For a tune, I paired the Year of the Boar kicks with a track from two Chinese-born artists: Brooklyn-via-Hubei rapper Bohan Phoenix and the Taiwan don Howie Lee. Bohan is an immense bilingual talent – catch the Foreign video dropping in a few weeks or so – and Howie’s been doing his thing out in Taiwan and Mainland China for a minute now, releasing a debut production LP with Alpha Pup. as well as running his own label Do Hits. ”

Puma R698 Tropicalia – Black

“Full disclosure: I own 5 pairs of this shoe and literally just bought a 6th off Amazon after seeing that they were still in stock. Another totally overlooked one-time drop, these Pumas are one of my favorite shoes in the world for three reasons. One, they’re comfortable as f**k. Two, they’re durable; I ride a kick scooter around the city called a Xootr scooter, normally sneaker soles will burn through within 2 to 3 months. With this shoe I’ve still yet to do that.  I only threw out the first pair because I beat them up at a music festival. The third reason I f**k with these is because while my whole summer aesthetic is very tropical, my normal rest of year aesthetic is much in line with the ‘All New Yorkers wear black’, thing. So, I can kind of do both with this shoe – they’re sort of like a mullet in that way.

I paired this shoe with a little-known tune from my own project, the 3-part finish to Scooter Island’s debut EP, Like We Always Dreamed Of. This was the only track from Scooter that we decided to do no press for, and for good reason… Soon you’re going to be hearing a lot more from the dude who sang and produced the secret track at the end.”

Croc Crocband Flip-Flop – Navy

“My Croc flip-flops are probably the funniest and most sentimental pair of shoes on this list. Back when I was 18-years-old I was a college dropout with pretty much no idea what I  was doing with my life. Through a pretty crazy set of circumstances I got hired to do the music for the American adaptation of the show Skins, and even though I was totally 100% in over my head I had the good fortune of meeting Marat Berenstein on my first week on the job.

At the time, the dude was at Decon Records and they repped Freddie Gibbs, a rapper I was (and still am) totally obsessed with. The dudes at MTV (although besides themselves that the job of a VP and 3 coordinators had just gone to an untested teenage dropout), were kind enough to put me in touch with Marat and we immediately hit it off.

Halfway through our meeting he realized I was having trouble walking after we’d left the coffee spot to check out his office. I admitted to him my new kicks were giving me OD terrible blisters. Without missing a beat he pointed at the Crocs store across the street and took me to get a pair of flip-flops. Since then, these flips have literally been around the world – China, Serbia, The UK, Trinidad, Toronto, LA – all over. Also, 5 years later, Marat Berenstein is now my totally brilliant manager. It’s funny how these things work.

Had to honor these kicks with my favorite tune from Freddie’s tape at that time. It’s a ridiculously fun, maybe-not-too-2016-PC tune. This is Freddie at his most playful, getting his Luda’ on, talkin’ some girl talk. It’s def something you should know, and at least he’s honest…”

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