For many millennials, Superbad is one of the indelible films that defined the high school experience. It was a lot like The Breakfast Club, but instead of profound revelations on the adolescent experience, it was filled with some truly stellar jokes about vomit and breasts. It also proved to be a launching pad for the careers of multiple actors that are more than familiar today, like Jonah Hill, Emma Stone and Bill Hader.

To feed your nostalgia even further, a clip has recently surfaced online of these actors participating in the film’s first-ever table read, serving as an excellent reminder as to why Superbad still holds up today.

It’s mainly because of just how hilarious the sex jokes are. Superbad was one of the earliest films to emerge from the Judd Apatow roster, and hearing these sketches in their earliest form demonstrates why these writers and actors found such heightened success soon after. Michael Cera is as lovably awkward as ever as he deals with the advances of his highly intoxicated crush, while seeing an unbelievably young Jonah Hill shed tears over his affection for Emma Stone may even be funnier here than in the film. And then there is of course McLovin,’ of whom there is little to be said that his performance doesn’t convey.

Watch the full clip above, and stay tuned for more newly unearthed film treasures.

In related news, check out the trailer for Keeping Up with the Joneses from Superbad‘s director Gregg Mottola.

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