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It has been a quiet couple years for Daft Punk since the release of 2013’s Random Access Memories. The landmark French electronic duo achieved the biggest success of their career with the album which went on to win the 2014 Grammy Album of the Year award, and they have remained characteristically enigmatic ever since. Until now that is. It appears that the world’s favorite robots have been spotted in the studio with none other than The Weeknd.

It all stemmed from a video posted by Billboard called “Hitmakers Roundtable,” which interviewed a group of some of the industry’s biggest producers. Wendy Goldstein, the executive VP and head of A&R for Republic Records, let slip in the interview that her client The Weeknd was in the midst of planning a session with the boys of Daft Punk.

Hear the information in the video below at the 2:39 mark:

This little nugget of music industry could have been nothing more than hearsay, until The Weeknd subsequently posted a picture to Facebook which makes a lot more sense in context:

Daft Punk are of course no stranger to seemingly odd collaborations. Random Access Memories featured guest spots from artists representing a diverse array of musical genres, from legendary producer Giorgio Moroder to Animal Collective front-man Panda Bear to (of course) Pharrell Williams in the ubiquitous smash “Get Lucky.”

What will come of this mysterious studio session is anyone’s guess, but if their previous work is any indication, it’s sure to be something funky.

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