“Would you eat 127-day-old steak aged in whiskey?” is what The Meat Show asks us in the title of its latest YouTube vid. Is this question rhetorical? Of course we would. If we had the option it would be the only thing we ate. The only meal that sounds more appealing than 127-day-old steak aged in whiskey is 128 day-old steak aged in whiskey.

The Meat Show host, Nick Solares, heads to The Beatrice Inn in Manhattan’s West Village alongside Consumed’s Kat Odell to sample 127-day-old steak that’s been aged in Jack Daniels by chef Angie Mar. Sounds great, huh? It probably is, but it turns out that 160 days is the ideal number of days to whiskey dry a chunk of beef. But, whatever, close enough.

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Words by Aleks Eror