Tune in and turn up

Kanye West’s video for “Flashing Lights” is an undisputed classic – and in Gallant’s new music video for “Skipping Stones,” it really shows as the new clip plays off of a theme reminiscent of the Graduation classic.

The new video opens with a bound Gallant stuck in the trunk of someone’s car, where it is quickly revealed that it’s being piloted by Jhené Aiko herself. “I thought that this particular scene would just very naturally, in a very subtly complex way, kind of just illustrate exactly all of the fiery emotions that are coming through lyrically in the song from both perspectives,” says Gallant.

Ultimately, fiery emotions really did come through as the clip ends with Jhené Aiko burning the car down – with Gallant still in it.

Words by Marcus Cho
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