When it comes to drugs, nobody does it better than the Brits. Boasting the highest consumption rate in Europe, not to mention a mortality rate three times that of the European average, taking drugs is now as normal as making a cup of tea for a sizeable percentage of UK youth. Vice’s latest documentary series, High Society, strives to get to the bottom of these statistics by meeting the users, dealers, and manufacturers involved on the frontline, with the latest episode focusing on the culture of weed — officially the country’s most popular illegal drug.

In the face of decriminalization movements around the world, the UK’s conservative government still refuses to budge when it comes to the relaxation of its cannabis laws, and most recently put the kibosh on a 200,000-strong petition. In the video, Vice meets medical users, grandma’ growers, and, most notably, rapper BLACK THE RIPPER, who has gained infamy throughout the country after filming himself smoking up in public places such as supermarkets and even airplanes.

Watch the documentary above, and if you slept on it, check out the previous film on ecstasy below.

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