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For our latest installment of 36 Frames, Highsnobiety’s very own Timothy Suen headed to Nepal in search of culture, excitement and adventure by scaling up to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Suen and a group of friends spent a total of 11 days in the country, two in the city of Kathmandu and nine trekking in the mountain to Everest Base Camp (nine days is nothing to balk at, by the way — the average for groups of their size is around 11 days).

“The scenery was nothing short of breathtaking; magnificent mountain ranges, glaciers and the clearest of skies,” Suen told us afterwards. “The star-filled night sky was a refreshing sight, which one doesn’t get to see too often, or at all, in a metropolitan city.”

Gopal, our porter that carried all our stuff

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He and his group stayed at lodges (or tea houses, as the locals called them) throughout the trip, sampling as much food as they could lay their lips on. “The Nepalese cook up some pretty bomb Dal Bhat (steamed rice with a spinach, potato and lentil curry) and their attempts with pasta were commendable as well.”

Of course, Suen took along his camera and documented the trip. The resulting photographs capture not just the beauty of the surroundings, but also the people and culture itself.

“Humbled. That’s how I feel. Being in the presence of the world’s tallest mountain was indubitably a truly amazing experience, but it was the opportunity to learn the culture and interaction with the locals that was the highlight of the trip for me.”

Check out the pictures above, then head over to Tim’s Instagram account for more great photography.

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Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.

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