In case you hadn’t heard, some serious shit is going down between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. And by serious shit, we mean absurd displays of masculinity that will be consumed en masse by a public who just elected a reality TV star to the highest office in the land. Recently, news broke that the two rap stars would be trained by professional boxers Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Mike Tyson, respectively. Now it seems Brown is returning the favor to Tyson by establishing the wrestler in a new rap career.

Yes, as you can you hear in the video above, Tyson now raps. And not only is he rapping, but he’s starting things off with a diss track towards Soulja Boy, obviously. Though it is only a 30-second snippet, the track sees Tyson bragging about his awesomeness and how “it’s going down,” presumably referencing the impending boxing match.

Rumor has it that a full version of “It’s Going Down” will be heading our way soon, with a guest verse and supporting vocals from Tyson’s trainee Chris Brown. Whether a fully-fledged hip-hop career lies ahead for Tyson remains to be seen, but knowing how this saga is playing out, the next ridiculous update should be mere hours away.

In other music news, The Simpsons has just released a preview for its upcoming hip-hop special starring Snoop Dogg, RZA and Common. Watch it right here.

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