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Filipinos spend most time on PornHub, president considers ban

Pornhub always comes out with great stats, but people’s porn consumption habits are still a touchy issue because moralizing puritans think they’ve got a right to tell people what they can and can’t do to/with their genitals. Well, the Philippines has banned PornHub in the country because Filipinos apparently spend more time on the tube site than any other nation. Filipinos spend an average of 12 minutes and 45 seconds enjoying PornHub content, compared to South Africans in second place with an average of 10 minutes and 46 seconds. In response, the Filipino president’s communications secretary cooked up some distinctly bullshit-smelling claims relating to child porn on PornHub, creating justification for the ban. PornHub obviously denies there’s any child porn on their site. – VICE

Obama frees Chelsea Manning

In his final act as president, drawing the curtains on a supposedly-liberal administration that has consistently disappointed liberals for being too restrained and not liberal enough, Obama has commuted the 35-year prison sentence of transgendered whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who leaked secret files to Wikileaks relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chelsea will walk free from a male prison on May 17, nearly seven years to the day since she was arrested. Applaudable, but it hardly makes up for the fact that Obama went after more whistleblowers than George W. Bush, and it would’ve been nice if Snowden got a pardon as well. –The Guardian

Bernie Sanders fires shots at Trump Education Secretary pick

The Donald has appointed some detestable human beings to powerful positions in government, the most recent of which is his pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos – yet another billionaire who has donated some $200 million to the GOP over the years, who went to private school, as did her children, and wants to privatize the public education system. Oh, and she allegedly supports gay conversion therapy too. Being grilled by senate democrats from all sides, the sharpest criticism came from our man Bernie Sanders who asked her directly if she thinks that she would be sitting in her position if she weren’t a billionaire from a billionaire family that has bankrolled the GOP. Of course she couldn’t say no to that, but her reply doesn’t matter because Bernie’s question drowned it out. – Washington Post

Facebook to invest $3 billion into virtual reality over the next decade

Ever-prepared to gobble up new technology and tighten its grip on all corners of cyberspace, Facebook is going to invest $3 billion into virtual reality over the next 10 years to bring it to the masses. Zuckerberg sees it as the future of personal computing, but there are worries that it will not only distract people from reality in the way that technology currently does, but allows them to completely hide away from it in an imaginary virtual world. – TechCrunch

Pistons beat the Lakers

The Detroit Pistons added yet another embarrassing defeat to the LA Lakers’ miserable season. Although the 102-97 scoreline wasn’t that bad by the Lakers’ recent standards, the Pistons are a pretty poor team, and if the Lakers can’t beat them, you have to wonder what’s the point of playing at all. This is the Lakers’ fifth defeat in a row, which leaves them second-from-bottom in the Western Conference. The Pistons are up to 10th in the east. – LA Times

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Words by Aleks Eror
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