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Shia LaBeouf consoles guy who got punched for resembling Shia Lebeouf

A New Yorker by the name of Mario Licato got punched in the face for his resemblance to Shia Lebeouf. After the real Shia heard the news, he reached out to his lookalike to console him for being the victim of Shia’s behavior. Mario unfortunately missed the call, so Shia left a voicemail expressing his condolences and his regret for not being in New York to bring him some soup. A chilling reminder that our actions have a butterfly effect that reverberates far, far away. – i-D

WorldStarHipHip founder, Q, dies

Q, otherwise known to his mother as Lee O’Denat, the founder of online mixtape portal-cum-rap-tabloid, WorldStarHipHip.com, has died at the age of 43. A ninth grade dropout who developed an interest in technology while working at Circuit City, his first attempt at online entrepreneurialism was a failed pornography venture, but his love of hip-hop eventually led to the creation of the internet behemoth that is WorldStar. His cause of death was atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. – New York Times

Donald Trump says torture “absolutely” works, will bring it back

All the good work that Obama did rehabilitating America’s image in the eyes of the world, after the slack-jawed, hillbilly presidency of George W. Bush, is going to be defecated on, with Trump declaring his intention to reinstate the use of torture in his first TV interview as president. Apparently an executive order is in the works to bring back illegal and immoral practices such as waterboarding, proving that America is beyond redemption and stupidity will eventually undo any strides of progress. – The Guardian

Hugo Barra leaves Xiaomi for Facebook’s VR team

Hugo Barra, a now-former vice president of Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has confirmed that he will be jumping ship to head up Facebook’s virtual reality business, which includes the Oculus unit. VR is slowly getting cheaper, although there aren’t clear uses for it yet, but considering Facebook is leading the charge, here’s a guess: it will further exasperate the isolation that social media fosters through the illusion of interaction by isolating us in our own private virtual worlds that have nothing to do with reality. Sounds a bit like The Matrix, to be honest. – Reuters

LA Lakers lose… again

The LA Lakers’ miserable season continues. Despite finally winning a few games back after several major embarrassments, they extended their losing streak to two games with a narrow 105-98 defeat to the Portland Trailblazers. It was a valiant effort, where the Lakers won both the first and the last quarter by a single point, but a seven point difference in the third ultimately cost them and they remain bottom of the Western Conference. – Oregon Live

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Words by Aleks Eror
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