Philly-born, Atlanta-bred rapper Rome Fortune burst onto the scene with wildly-hued facial hair and an experimental approach to hip-hop that quickly garnered fans across coasts. Last year, he released his eponymously titled, deeply personal album, Jerome Raheem Fortune, to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Today, Rome unveils the music video for the project’s breakout third single, “Blicka Blicka.” The uptempo battle-cry sees the rapper casting off stringent standards of categorization in the music industry, ruefully stating “this is my intuition and it says I shouldn’t be pigeon-holed,” at the top of every hook.

The video, directed by Anthony Supreme, features a kilt and suspender wearing Rome wandering amidst a sparse forest of wind turbines. Decrepit and slightly post-apocalyptic, the visuals create a sense of isolation and anxiety. Then again, as Rome says, he’s on the hardest road you can take so it’s a perfect match to the lyrics.

Press play to enjoy and also check out our premiere of A.M. SNiPER’s debut U.S. music video below

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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