Though the news is only a few hours old, the fact that Beyoncé is having twins has properly broken the internet. And being Beyoncé, she chose to announce the happy news via a piece of visually stunning art. It was the Instagram post heard around the world, and with it comes another piece of happy news: it is now the most-liked Instagram post in the history of the app.

As of press time, the photo has amassed nearly 7.5 million likes in a span of 12 hours. Which by anyone’s measure, is hella impressive. The portrait was conceived and taken by New York and Los Angeles-based artist Awol Erizku, which accounts for the painstaking attention to detail and ravishing color that are immediately apparent.

The previous record-holder of the most-liked Instagram photo was Selena Gomez seductively sipping from a bottle of Coca-Cola with a straw. In fact, she made headlines last month when news broke that she had all five of the app’s top five most liked photos. Which is nice and all, but she clearly doesn’t stand a chance against the classical beauty and earth-shattering news that is Beyoncé’s latest visual oeuvre.

Get in formation and like that photo. Then re-watch “Formation” because you’ve earned it:

In related musical baby news, Pharrell has recently been gifted with a set of triplets. See what he had to say right here.

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