So, what would be your first vacation after spending the previous eight years as the leader of the free world? Well, if you’re Barack Obama, it’s all about fun in the sun, as he and wife Michelle recently took to the British Virgin Islands for a little rest and relaxation.

It wasn’t all lounging around on beautiful white beaches and sipping Mai Tais, though. President Obama decided to try his hand at kitesurfing, after previously being unable to surf for the past eight years due to encountering a dangerous break in Hawaii years ago.

To make things interesting, however, Richard Branson was on-hand with Obama while out in the Virgin Islands, so the two decided to engage in a little friendly competition. The challenge was for Barack to learn how to kitesurf before Richard could get the hang of foilboarding.

By judge of who could stay up the longest –well— you’ll have to press play above to see who came out on top.

Not NYC, not LA.

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