Tune in and turn up

17-year-old rap sensation, social media don and toast of the internet Rich Chigga has jumped on ZHU, Skrillex and THEY.’s 2016 hit “Working For It”. Shared on burgeoning music site 88 Rising, the track finds Chigga spitting monotonous venom over the original zany production from the massive electronic artists, as you can hear above.

It seems like everything Rich Chigga drops turns to viral gold, with his most recent self-produced track “Seventeen”, taking barely any time at all to go past the million play mark on both Soundcloud & YouTube. Listen to that one below.

In other music news, a life-size gold statue of Kanye West has been unveiled on Hollywood Boulevard, clad in Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers. Yep.

Words by Jacob Davey
Music Editor
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