Jimmy Kimmel’s ongoing faux-feud with Matt Damon is fast becoming the stuff of Hollywood legend, and last night the comedian upped the ante even further with a series of wisecracks during the 89th Academy Awards.

Opening the gala, host Kimmel teased Damon’s weight, saying how, “When I first met Matt, I was the fat one,” much to the actor’s evident chagrin. From there, Kimmel only got fiercer, sniping that: “[Matt] handed what turned out to be an Oscar-caliber role [in Manchester by the Sea] to [Casey Affleck] and made a Chinese ponytail movie instead. And that movie, The Great Wall, went on to lose $80 million.”

Kimmel then went on to mock Damon’s 2011 movie, We Bought a Zoo, in a segment you can watch above. Once that was over, the actor — announced by the narrator as mere “guest” —  took to the stage with long-time friend Ben Affleck before being inevitably interrupted as he attempted to present.

The pranks should come as no surprise to Damon given Kimmel had been hinting at his plans on social media earlier this week.

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For those who don’t know, the pair have been at it for over 10 years, with the initial “beef” traceable to old episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! where Jimmy used to joke about time running out for his last guest, Matt Damon. When Damon did appear on the show a year later, Kimmel made sure they actually did run out of time.

We wait for the next chapter with bated breath.

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