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Jera Diarc is known as a fashion muse and “scandal model.” In Highsnobiety’s last interview with him, he spoke about Project CONCUBINE, a London and Berlin-based music project which has just released an album, 3 Days.

Highsnobiety wanted to catch up with Diarc in Berlin after he was arrested in London – a couple had sex on stage while he was performing, which landed the model in hot water. Here’s what he had to say:

You are known as a fashion muse and “scandal model”. It seems like you have a knack for polarizing people?

A knack for polarizing people? For example?

The Paris story, the London story, the story about a kid pulling the trigger of a gun which was part of one of your installations during an art-academy tour…

Wait, wait. The child was not harmed, and it was a bobby gun. Shocked by the shot but fortunately not harmed. People told me afterwards that he climbed into the installation, although his parents were right next to him. It was possible to reach the gun for an adult but nearly impossible for a kid. There was also a Power Rangers suit, a TV and other stuff that was part of my installation, but he chose the gun.

Your profile picture says “I love terror.” Do you like to scandalize?

Are you stalking me? (Laughs) The picture was part of an exhibition, by the way. I could go to the Louvre as well and find myself offended by Mona Lisa’s following view. Art, music, literature… all these things mustn’t consider any of these states. The best way for that, in this case, is being radical.

What do you mean exactly?

“There is no try
There is just the act
Quit your job, just press reset
Burn your house
Forget your habits
Kill your will
Just forget it
Celebrate the invitation
The ivory tower is just waiting…”

Catwalking / Getty

Is that your advice?

Arm yourself with tinsel, run down the streets and play. Stop asking anyone what the meaning of life is. Go out and play, have fun. People should stop taking things so seriously.

I listened to your album ‘3 Days.’ The first three songs are released on Soundcloud. It sounds like you’re going back to the basics, and straight into the future. When can we expect the whole album to be released?

As soon as we’ve found the fitting label.

What would be your dream location at which to play?

I could imagine anything. Is it good performing there? How are the people?

Jera Diarc

What’s your motivation for doing music and art?

My motivation, our motivation in doing music? In doing art? Apart from this: it’s a lot of fun? I have to do it? I love it?

Worldwide, there are concerns bubbling under the surface. There are a lot of musicians and artist out there doing something great. They’re in their practice rooms in their studios beating against the ceilings, beating against the wall. Ready to plow the front gardens. Revolution, baby! Everything for rock ‘n’ roll, everything for art, everything for the cause – and the cause is above everything!

Last question: what is your inspirational source? Your muse?


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  • Words: Michelle Doreen
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