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German fashion label and mega online emporium Zalando is making men’s style decisions easier by offering all the sartorial essentials guys would ever need. In case men don’t know about Zalando’s vast range, and in a deft piece of marketing genius, the brand has helpfully relabelled its iconic delivery box as the “MAN BOX.”

The MAN BOX is simply a fresh take on Zalando’s existing parcel – men do the shopping and Zalando do the delivering. As swiftly as ever the box will ship men’s fashion choices, chosen by the individual, as and when they want them, all he has to do is fill the box with his style.

Pay a quick visit to and you’ll find a selection of garms set for any occasion, from #officecore business casual, to streetwear demigod, ready to be delivered to your home or office (because that’s just super useful). Last weeek, we went down to Zalando’s launch party and swiped some for ourselves. We picked up some Ray Bans, a fresh pair of Stance socks, Calvin Klein underwear, a Carhartt WIP beanie, and a Rocawear bomber.

On the night, tunes were provided by Brian Bøa (Beinghunted), Ticklish (Live From Earth) and Tuan:Anh (Bassgang), while London’s Just Jam VJ team did things for our eyes on the walls which looked pretty cool.

Check the shots of the cool kids above and fill your own MAN BOX via Zalando.

Find out more about Zalando’s sportswear here.

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