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Fans of design, quality furniture, and hardcore smut take note, a new book has surfaced that takes a look at Le Corbusier’s LC4 chaise longue — aka the porn industry’s biggest fuck prop.

We Don’t Embroider Cushions Here is a new 212-page project that catalogs the appearance of the recliner in pornographic movies. “Written” by artists Augustine and Josephine Rockebrune, the pair came up with the idea after stumbling upon a picture on the internet of two gay men having raunchy sex on an LC4. From there, they embarked on a research mission that involved watching lots of porn. Lots and lots and lots of porn.

“Put bluntly, in the industry it seems to be basically just a fuck prop. It plays the exact some role as a giant rubber butt plug, a sexy maid outfit, or anything else that can be used as a sex tool,” said the artists in an interview with It’s Nice That. From there, they went on to explore the chair’s backstory in further depth, with a particular focus on how Le Corbusier’s degrading view of women still haunts the “leather altar” to this day.

Limited to just 500 copies, hit the button below to cop the book.

Staying with things built to have sex upon, IKEA has just teased its “hackable” bed in tandem with British artist Tom Dixon.

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