They might have hired NASA engineer, Mark Moore, to spearhead the development of short-haul urban flights and “on-demand aviation” services, yet Uber cannot seem to stay out of trouble with the world’s various judicial systems.

With Italy moving into the rank of Uber’s next disallowed country, a court in Rome recently ruled against the transportation service saying that its presence contributes to what they are calling “unfair competition” when pinned against the country’s taxi department. A reason all but too familiar to Uber. And to boot, the on-demand service must discontinue all Italian operations within ten days, or it stands to pay an impressive $10,600 for every operative day that exceeds this so-called grace period.

Amidst Uber’s impending gloom, Frank Ocean just released a new track about a more affordable form of transportation with Biking.

Words by Adam Mark
Weekend Editor
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