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Wimoto has taken what it originally dubbed an ugly bike and transformed it into quite the eye-catching “Green Goblin” café racer. In making use of a reliable Honda NTV650, the bike was ultimately rebuilt as a gift to the wife of Netherlands-based bike fabricator, Wido Veldkamp.

Initially, Wimoto wanted to turn the NTV650 into a scrambler, but once the handlebars, headlight and seat were all fitted, the bike just didn’t take the shape that the team had planned. Upon experimenting with a half-fairing, Wimoto ultimately decided to go with a café racer design.

Most notably, the motorcycle boasts a can’t-miss green finish, a nod to the Green Goblin. The rear then welcomes a bespoke aluminum seat pan and cowl on a modified subframe, with the seat being wrapped in aged tan leather. White powder-coated rims play complement to the predominantly green build, while an LED headlamp and tail-light mounted to its front-fender bolts round out the new design elements.

For a look at Wimoto’s impressive “Green Goblin” Honda NTV650 café racer, scan through the gallery above.

Not NYC, not LA.

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