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Need a tropical vacation but can’t afford one? London’s Mina has got you covered with her latest video for “Boing.” No need to pack your shortest shorts or most cropped tops, press play and you’re instantly transported to the tropics with Mina, guest MC Nané and some dancing friends from around the world.

Mina is an emerging DJ-producer who got her start in a smoky basement in Leeds, soon catching the ears of UK tastemaking DJs. She’s been producing since 2014, and has travelled the world from Mexico City to Milan to collaborate with other producers, lead music production workshops for women, and spin tunes. In London, she runs events and has her own show called ‘boko boko!’ on online radio staple Radar Radio.

Her latest EP Sentah is a “love-letter to afrobeats, dancehall, UK funky and all kinds of syncopated rhythms from some of the warmest places in the globe.” Produced and directed by Mina herself, lead single “Boing” is both a visual and sonic statement outlining her diverse influences as she explains:

“The video was shot in some of the amazing places I have been lucky enough to visit recently, including Mexico, Jamaica and Ghana. I wanted to feature some of the talented people I have met and worked with around the world including many of my friends. The EP is a celebration of this global network, of all my influences from the UK and worldwide, and the joy I get from making music and collaborating!”

If the clever rambunctiousness of “Boing” is any indication, Mina is certainly one to watch in the world of electronic dance music. Be sure to cop Sentah this Friday April 28 on digital platforms, and look out for it on vinyl May 12. You can preorder it on iTunes right here and check out the rest of Mina’s music on her SoundCloud here.

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