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Blind Skateboards are set to reissue their iconic OG baggy jean from the early ’90s, which is largely responsible for the baggy Jesus jean trend amongst skateboarders and fashion heads alike.

According to skateboard industry mainstay, Bill Weiss, “The OG release was 1990. With so many skaters exploring different styles and tricks from the 80’s and seeing all the amazing product from that era back in stores I really wanted to celebrate Blind and its massive influence on the 90’s.”

He went on to add: “There was a period where Blind jeans and a white tee were the official outfit of skaters around the world. Blind helped define what skateboarding was at that time, it had the most stylish and progressive skaters in the world. They where the first ever street skating company with a team and products that meant so much to the scene and that era.

Even pros that didn’t ride for Blind were rocking them, Blinds influence was powerful during this rapidly changing time in skateboarding. Holding the samples gave me goosebumps remembering that cherished time in skateboarding and the evolution of street skating taking over the world.”

Even Supreme has since cashed in on Blind’s OG baggy denim trend, releasing their own interpretation a few seasons back.

Soon, however, you’ll be able to take advantage of the real deal, as Blind is reissuing the pant with a modern straight fit.

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