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Elon Musk previously showcased the goal of his Boring Company’s futuristic underground transit network, where intricate underground roadway systems will be implemented beneath the current surface infrastructure of cities to get vehicles where they want to while also reducing traffic. Now the famous entrepreneur reveals more of his innovative project, specifically what the underground cars for pedestrians could look like.

Design-wise, the electric vehicle concept flaunts a sleek rectangular bus-like profile that is made of glass. These passenger vehicles will be large enough to stand up in, decked out with benches inside and features extra space for leaving your bike.

Propelled by an electric motor and outfitted with electric sleds underneath that take the form of a flat plate on wheels, speeds of 125 mph in urban settings allow a passenger to travel between New York and Washington, D.C. in only under 30 minutes. Built to be autonomous, eliminating the risk of human error and the chances of swerving off-course, the vehicles won’t emit any hazardous gases either since it’s electric.

Furthermore, Musk hopes to add a vacuum shell to the electric sled, where the vehicles could transform into hyperloop pods, traveling at 600+ miles an hour — thus offering a seamless and easy transportation between cities in record time.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer
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