For two decades now, Apple has hand-picked apps each year that it feels are the best for a particular platform and giving out awards that honor “outstanding design and innovation.” Out of the 2.2 million iOS apps that are currently available, Apple narrowed it down to a dozen it felt were the best designed in 2017 – from puzzle games to productivity, coloring books, and currency converters.

Check out the list below.


A clever puzzle game that takes you beyond the screen, making your world a part of each solution and breaking the “fourth” wall of iPhone.

Splitter Critters

This level-based arcade puzzle game was selected for its minimalistic paper craft aesthetic and unique scene rearrangement technique, offering a memorable gaming experience for all ages.

Mushroom 11

Available in five languages, including First Nation languages, Mushroom 11 is an immersive and tactile game mixing physics-puzzle problem-solving with action and strategy.

Old Man’s Journey

With a beautiful hand-drawn style, this immersive puzzle adventure “conveys universal truths that transcend cultures and the many stages of life, and delivers an experience focused.”


In this intense narrative-driven adventure game, you play a one-armed warrior named Sasha in search of her family as you journey through a psychedelic and vibrant world.


Building from the adult coloring book trend, Lake offers customizable color palettes and stunning curated illustrations from local and renowned artists alike.


With sleek design and beautiful typography, Bear is one of the best out there for writing notes, prose, essays, code snippets and more.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories enables anyone to cook a delicious meal with a rich variety of recipes, dazzling photos, helpful videos, handy tips, and informative articles.

Things 3

Things 3 allows you to simplify your never ending to do list, removing distractions and providing innovative interactions and gestures to simplify all your organizational needs.

Elk Currency Converter

While you can always just plop a currency conversion into Google, Elk is perfectly suited for Apple Watch, making your on-the-go conversions between over 150 currencies a breeze.


A groundbreaking photo editing app with an easy-to-use collection of tools rivaling those of professional desktop software stalwarts.

Airmail 3

Airmail 3 enables you to easily tame your inbox and optimize your email workflow with a clean layout, smart interactive features, excellent integration and beautiful design.

Check out the full list of Apple’s award winners here.

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