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A four-cylinder standard motorcycle made by Honda from the early ’70s until 1978 — this 1973 Honda CB550 in particular is highlighted as it’s been tweaked in a “Black Mamba” makeover that exudes contemporary appeal.

Reinterpreted by custom specialists Hookie, the bike’s sleek and clean blacked-out profile isn’t the only striking detail, as under the steel body, lays a glossy-black engine that is paired with an air pod filter and a spark racing exhaust, along with a modified gas tank with an aluminum pop-up cap and a Motogadget motoscope-tiny that measures the motorcycle’s respective speed. Other modifications include a Kustom tech clutch lever, Grimeca master cylinder, Biltwell grips and leather seat.

Furthermore, slight accents of stainless steel and aluminum complement the understated design, while an oversized “H” is also implemented on the main body to reflect the brand, as well as Hookie to solidify its overall build.

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