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Following Etnia Barcelona’s new seven-floor store opening, the vibrant eyewear label has launched three new collections and an accompanying campaign.

The brand dedicated to color, culture and quality coined the campaign “Be Anartist” to flaunt its more independent, rebellious and daring side. Etnia Barcelona brought on board the photographer Biel Capllonch to give life to the concept in a series of pictures channeling movies such as Pulp Fiction, Planet of the Apes, A Clockwork Orange and The Big Lebowski.

The visual project supports Etnia Barcelona’s three newest product ranges: the Originals collection, Vintage collection and Advanced collection. The Originals collection embodies the brand to its fullest with colorful frames and vibrant designs. Vintage focuses on classic ‘70s-inspired forms and designs. The Advanced collection takes a more fashion-forward approach for those who value technology and comfort; the frames are lightweight, strong and minimalist.


Etnia Barcelona has gone as far as writing an entire manifesto on the “anartist” concept proclaiming:

Anartism is a fearless expression, with no “ifs,” “ands” or “buts.” It’s the use of all the tools rejected by the establishment. It’s turning our backs on our so-called “sense of modesty” because it imposes nonsensical rules. It’s the abolition of the creative standards that unsettles conformists. It’s every object, feeling, and shred of dark-ness that can be used as a weapon in the fight for Anartism.

Check out Etnia Barcelona‘s full offering via the link below.

Now take a look inside Etnia Barcelona’s new seven-floor store space.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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