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Influencer, model, stylist and undisputed king of the cool kids Luka Sabbat has sat down with SSENSE for a wide-ranging interview.

At just 19 years of age, Sabbat has already made his mark on the fashion sphere, working closely with the likes of Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and just about anybody else who matters. His main project, Hot Mess, encompasses everything from photography and music to movies and clothes — basically, it’s an umbrella for anything that allows him to express creativity.

In Montreal to speak on a panel about the nature of hype, something he’s only too well acquainted with, the style wunderkind opened up on a range of topics. Find some of our choice highlights from the piece below.

On the influence of video games

“I’ve always wanted to make video games. With a collection, you can make clothes for people, but with video games you can create a universe. That’s so hard. Brands put their shit in video games now. Vivienne Westwood had her shit in Final Fantasy. Acronym has their shit in Deus Ex. And video game characters have the illest swag. I dress like I’m in a video game. I put together outfits inspired by Dudley from Street Fighter IV. That’s the Balenciaga red striped pants with the Wales Bonner shirt. Tekken has some of the illest outfits, period. I can’t dress like Yoshimitsu, but he’s on my mood board.”

On Rei Kawakubo

“She’s one of the hardest of all time. She’s definitely top five. I don’t believe at any point in her career she referenced another designer. I don’t even know where she pulls inspiration from. Maybe, like, a weird Frank Gehry building or something.”

On his earliest fashion memories

“I remember crying at some fashion show. Being held by this super famous model, Katouche Niane. Then, probably seeing the Virginia Creeper Raf Simons show. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen in my life”

On Tokyo

“[I’d like to live in] Tokyo. Breh, the fashion. The food, too, but mostly just the fashion. The illest swag. The illest culture. I would live in Tokyo any day. In New York, I rarely see a fit that makes me go, ‘Wooooow.’”

On the Tom Sachs x Nike “Mars Yard”

“These are already dirty, but I don’t care because I never plan on selling them. And it says to wear them on the box, or you’re a poser. They’re sneakers, you’re supposed to wear them.”

To read the interview in full, head on over to SSENSE.

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