Despite his status as one of fashion's most recognizable influencers, Luka Sabbat revealed in a recent conversation with The Cut that he thinks the influencer bubble will soon burst.

Describing the word "influencer" as "mad corny," Sabbat reasons that the marketing craze will soon be over due to the number of people attempting to get involved. The Cut goes on to mention the recent upsurge in popularity of nano influencers ("normal" people who are selling products to a small number of followers) and wannabes who are faking sponsored ads in order to appear relevant.

“With a lot of these so-called influencers, brands are going to realize that they’re not actually capitalizing off them and the influence isn’t actually working," Sabbatt explains. "There are too many of us. Eventually, it will be hard to differentiate between a real influencer and, like, some wack person.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sabbat goes on to discuss his distaste for current fashion trends, stating how he "can't stand" shoulder bags and finds sock runner sneakers "garbage."

Read the interview in full.

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