Warning: spoilers ahead. 

On the last episode of Game of Thrones, the show substantially increased its body count after a violent battle between Euron Greyjoy and the Sand Snakes. In typical GoT fashion, the fight was intense, making it a little hard to figure out what exactly happened. What we do know is that Euron Greyjoy sadistically killed Obara and Nymeria before taking Yara and Ellaria Sand hostage.

But while it may have been hard for viewers to follow the scene, it was even harder for the actors to film it. The above video gives us a behind-the-scenes look into how this epic battle came about.

The actors talk about the challenge of performing stunts when the boat isn’t just wet and slippery — but is also half on fire. While the stunt coordinator describes how he got the cast to ramp up the madness with short 10-second takes.

D.B. Weiss, the executive producer and writer of the episode, also gives us an insight into the symbolism of the scene. He describes Greyjoy’s boat as a “projection of the man who built it.” Basically, he says, “it’s a big fuck you boat built by a big fuck you guy.”

He also explains why a close-up shot was so crucial to that heartbreaking final scene. Watch the video above.

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