After taking fans on a 360° tour of her closet, Kendall Jenner now shares her beauty routine in a new video for Vogue.

Hanging out at NYC’s Baccarat Hotel, Kendall walks viewers through an incredibly simple everyday makeup look in just two minutes, which can be a great choice for those of you going back to school or for work.

Starting off with the foundation, focusing on her under-eye area, jawline and T-zone, Kendall shares “I don’t really like to put too much on, ’cause I hate when I have, like, cakey makeup on.”

Once her canvas is prepped, she’s ready to emphasize her most striking features: “When I was, like, 14, having thin eyebrows was the cool thing, so I literally plucked them all off,” she explains as she uses one end of Estée Lauder’s Brow Multi-Tasker to fill in her black arches, and another to brush them up with a spoolie.

Finally, she finishes it off with a bronzer and lipstick before blowing a kiss goodbye.

Enjoy the short clip above, then after, view Kendall Jenner stripping down for a photoshoot by Sasha Samsonova.

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