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Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović returns with her latest art piece that places an emphasis on macarons, specifically Marina Abramović-flavored macarons.

According to ArtNet, the project is made in collaboration with luxury dessert brand Kreëmart and Abramović wants her audience to really taste her, or “eat her.”

She explained in a video for the macarons’ release event at Art Frieze London that the project’s inspiration came from her childhood.

“My grandmother, early morning, making coffee. The smell of coffee was everywhere in the house. Then I remember the smells of fresh basil, thyme, cardamom seeds, and exotic smells from the trips I took later on and remember exploring volcanoes and waterfalls and remember this feeling in the early morning when I see the line of the sea just meet the ocean, and ocean meet the sky. All of this, in this macaron of me.”

She continued, “My work is most of the time immaterial because performance art is immaterial, it is conceptual and limited by time. Kreëmart’s work in the medium of sugar is completely immaterial too, because you consume it, you eat it, and it’s gone. What is left behind is the memory of what you eat.”

If you’re interested in tasting, only 250 boxes of the macarons are available this week at Ladurée in London’s Harrods, while those located in Paris will have a chance from Monday, October 16 up to Sunday, October 22, 2017.

Additional cities to be included for future launches are Milan, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

scribbling by day, architect by night

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