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Brand: 032c

Season: Peroxide Collection FW17

Key Pieces: The stand-outs are the red Believer Sweatshirt and Jean Shirt, both of which have been hand-bleached with a unique pattern at the 032c St Agnes Workshop.

Editor’s Notes: 032c celebrates reactions, both emotional and chemical, with its Peroxide Collection. All pieces are covered in bleach splatters that ”schizophrenically evoke both psychedelia and punk.”  The collection includes a hipbag, T-shirt, sweatshirt, cap and shirt. The lookbook above features 032c’s favorite teen couple: former 032c intern Joel Olchow and Cathy Wolf.

Out now on the 032c website, prices range from approximately $58 for the cap to $330 for the red Believer Sweatshirt.

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