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It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore when brands turn everyday items into luxury versions and jack up the price, yet Gucci has done it again with its own take on the timeless sweatband.

Inspired by sweatbands worn in the ’80s, the $270 accessories feature a Gucci print and are treated to look vintage. Though many will find the price absurd, $270 is on the lower end of the price range for Gucci products. Plenty of people will justify their purchase using that reasoning, however what you’re really paying almost $300 for is a simple polyester/cotton blend headband with ”GUCCI” printed on it.

It’s hard to see anyone seriously sweating in something this expensive but if you’re just going in for a light leg day or a quick stretch, this headband is the ultimate flex for the gym.

And honestly, there are worse accessories to spend excessive amounts of money on.

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