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21 Savage tweeted out an open letter addressing “OG rappers” and their criticisms of the new guard of rappers on Tuesday. In his letter, 21 finds them to be hypocrites, asking, “They say we make drug user music like making drug selling music is better what’s the difference?”

21 goes on to ask a lot of important questions, urging “golden age” rappers to look at themselves before judging others, writing “Don’t use us as a scape goat.” He also underlines the fact that hip-hop music has gained popularity in the mainstream, and is now the number one genre of music in the U.S.

“Our music is a reflection of what’s going on in our community and all we doing is using our talent to escape that community,” he concludes. Read 21 Savage’s full letter below.

21 Savage and Post Malone just dropped the music video for their double-platinum song “rockstar.” Watch it below.

In other music news, Lil Peep’s videographer just shared a touching video tribute to the late rapper. Check it out right here.

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