Another week, another five Tumblrs for you to get behind. This week’s picks range from some of the best babes in the game to the impossible act of finding affordable housing in New York City. Let us know what you think of this week’s selection and as always, feel free to leave your Tumblr in the comments section below. With a bit of luck, you’ll see yours here next week.


Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons gives us a healthy, borderline overdose of girls in varying stages of dress. While there isn’t any full-on, fired-on-the-spot nudity, most of the images are scandalous enough to warrant a NSFW rating. Thus, NSFW.


Savage Outlaws

Discovered via the comments section of last week’s list, Savage Outlaws contains what appears to be completely original 35mm photography. In any case the grainy blog is worth a visit for the content alone which ranges from graffiti to abandoned listening stations in Berlin.


The Worst Room

The Worst Room focuses around the nearly impossible act of finding affordable housing in New York City. Accompanying each depressing picture is the location of the apartment and the monthly cost. If you’re quick enough you can share a tiny room with three other girls in Manhattan for just $649 a month. Best of all you get a bunk bed, what a steal!


Le Meme

Describing itself as “the best blog ever made on the information superhighway,” Le Meme scours the Internet for the best (and sometimes, worst) it has to offer. Whether that’s true or not is certainly debatable. What’s not debatable, however, is the blog’s stellar collection of funny, weird and ironic images collected from around the web.



Textastrophe is a professional troll at work and should give anyone who has been considering posting their number in a public place reason to think again. Following each ad is Textastrophe’s conversation with the unfortunate soul who happened to put up his or her phone number for all to see.

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