Berlin-based blog Freunde von Freunden recently sat down with Union Los Angeles' Chris Gibbs to ask him about his day-to-day work with the La Brea store and his life as a father and husband. Topics range from his time spent living in Brooklyn to how he got started working at Union and everything in between. When asked what a normal day consists of he responds,

I wake up a six-thirty and help get the kids ready for school. I take them to school at eight and then I head to work. I pick up a coffee on the way and I usually get to work around nine. The store doesn’t open until eleven but I like to get there early and take care of administration stuff. Also it can sometimes be challenging to get focused time away from the store during business hours. Because of the social nature of a clothing store like ours, people are always coming by for a visit, so getting to work a little early gives me some “added time”...Although I am no longer in the store much doing sales, I still like to drop by to get a good feel of what’s really going on. So I will pop in and talk to the guys at the store and see how things are doing. At seven, I punch out and head home for dinner with the family. Kids go to bed at eight. I catch up with my wife and unwind watching some mindless horrible US television and get ready for the next day.

He also offers his own view on streetwear and describes it as,

Streetwear is to fashion what Punk, Hip Hop and Jazz were to mainstream music. It started as a youth driven counter culture but as it matures, it gets more sophisticated.

Mr. Gibbs later reminisces over the store's evolution and explains how,

Union had a following with Japanese clientele. The Japanese did a lot of parallel buying. They would send people over here to buy clothing in America that they couldn’t get back home, and then sell it in Japan.

Take a look at a few images above and read the whole piece here.

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