Stussy has become one of the most iconic names in street fashion and specifically in our market in the last 30 years. Some of the myth around the brand certainly comes from the unique setup of global tribes, people that have supported Stussy in one way or another for many years. Very early on the brand started to give back and released Stussy Tribe Varsity Jackets, some of which also made it into retail, others being exclusively made and customized for its tribe members in New York, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and other hot spots around the world.

Today Stussy gives a look back at the tradition of releasing the Tribe Varsity Jackets on a regular basis over the last 30 years. What originally started in 1988, is still going on today, with the most recent batch of jackets having come out this month.

"Originally created for only the closest members of the Tribe during Shawn Stussy’s travels – including bestowing the gifted offering on the likes of Alex Turnbull, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Jules Gayton – the one-of-a-kind jacket featured personalized embroidery on the breast pocket and laid the groundwork for the IST (International Stussy Tribe) Jacket that is still available during select contemporary seasons.

Seen as a symbol for loyalty, authenticity and heritage, the IST is an OG piece of outerwear that sees its influence present on modern day staple streetwear offerings like the stadium jacket. The International Stussy Tribe Jacket is and will always be a reminder that success stems from meaningful relationships with likeminded individuals."

Take a look at some of the jackets that have released over the years in the gallery above and check out the full presentation over at Stussy here.

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