Last night, Adam Driver hosted the first Saturday Night Live episode of 2020. The actor kicked off with a hilarious not-so-chill monologue and brought the drama in a series of hilarious sketches. Naturally, Driver couldn't help but pull out some Star Wars jokes, with the highlight of the show being his farcical Undercover Boss sketch.

Four years after the Star Wars baddie first parodied Kylo Ren in a memorable Undercover Boss sketch on SNL, where his iconic villain went undercover as Matt the technician, Driver gave us an epic update on how Ren has been doing since. This time Driver's Ren posed as the beanie-wearing intern "Randy."

In Saturday's Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now? sketch, Kylo is honest about his shortcomings since we last saw him. "I'll say it," Kylo says in a monotone voice. "I haven't been the best boss lately. I've been a little distracted by some... personal drama." He's referring to killing his father Han Solo, cutting Supreme Leader Snoke in half and his obsession with Jedi Rey. Now "Randy" is out to uncover what Ren's followers really think of their Supreme Leader. Watch the hilarious sketch below.

Since airing last night, Twitter has once again fallen in love with Driver's monotone SNL character, with many users stanning Kylo's hilariously awkward attempt at blending into the workforce.

Watch SNL's original Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base sketch from 2016 below.

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