After announcing the program late last year, Adobe has finally released the Photoshop Camera app. The mobile application allows you to apply the best filters and effects to your photos, for free.

Photoshop Camera is available for iOS and Android users, as the app includes various AI-powered features to improve your photos. You can take advantage of quick fixes like auto-tone and portrait control with a single tap or swipe of a finger. Filters and effects are just as easy, and you can choose from more than 80 custom filters, saving your favorites to use them regularly.

After taking a picture, Photoshop Camera will suggest effects to apply to ensure the most visually pleasing result. Then, you can export photos to your computer in the .PSD file format, allowing you to edit in the full version of Photoshop.

You can learn more about Adobe's free Photoshop Camera mobile app before downloading it for iPhone here and Android here.

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