Situated at the foothills of the Zagros Mountain range on the edge of the desert in the city of Isfahan, Iran, is the "Alavi house" -- a naturally ventilated house that utilizes Tesla solar cells to form a controllable skin.

Designed by Iran-based firm BMDesign Studios, the structure's concrete profile is built with a sloped roof to create effective zones of negative pressure that help in ventilating the building naturally throughout most of the year.

Further defined by invisible Tesla solar cells that acts as a second skin, this dynamic layer can be opened or closed, so during winter days, the owners can open it and allow the afternoon sun to warm the roof, while in hot summer days, it closes itself to provide shade over the concrete roof in addition to producing clean energy by its solar cells.

Additionally, controllable vents located at the top of the roof, together with the large openings to the south of the building have a sucking effect. Air filters by flowing through a group of evergreen trees, over a pool in the outdoors and then leads to an indoor garden of snake plants, which is known to be a great air purifier, and finally over a pond.

In other architecture news, this home sits on an active Hawaiian volcano.

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