The Highsnobiety Selects team may spend the bulk of their time surfing only the most luxurious of fashion domains and top sneaker sellers, but one style platform you may not have considered a go-to for us is Amazon. Better known as a convenient online destination for everyday essentials, the e-commerce leader is also teeming with unexpected fashion finds — you just need to know what to look for.

From out-there accessories to the clothes that’ll get you through the hottest days of Summer, shopping on Amazon tends to be a far more wallet-friendly and streamlined way to update your wardrobe (especially when you have an Amazon Prime membership).

Check the list below for the 10 unlikely fashion finds we came across on Amazon this week. Showcasing great value, customer ratings, and general Highsnobiety appeal.

Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag

Small Reusable Shopping Bag



Didn’t you hear we’ve got a planet to save? Avoid that checkout scorn from your fellow shoppers by picking up this handy reusable carrier bag.

Salomon Speedtrak-M Runner

Speedtrak-M Trail Runner



Salomon kicks have earned their rightful place with the fashion sneaker elite, perhaps owing to the brand’s distinct silhouettes and technical mastery. Right now Amazon is stocking a range of Salomon shoes, and this black and yellow colorway is sure to turn heads.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Big & Tall Trucker Jacket



A wardrobe staple that needs no introduction, the Levi’s trucker is a certified classic. The go-to denim jacket since the ’60s, this is an item built to last.

Carharrt Safety Glasses

Carbondale Safety Glasses



King of workwear Carharrt is always the first thought when looking for gear that not only looks good, but is also built to protect. These glasses pack industrial lenses that also provide 99 percent protection from UV rays.

CoverYourHair Bandana

Tie Dye Bandana



The bandana is one of the most versatile accessories out there, whether you prefer to wear it cowboy-style around your neck or on your head. A host of brands have employed bandana-style prints in their collections too, including KAPITAL and Saint Laurent.

KNG Cargo Pants

Cargo Style Chef Pant



Cargo pants continue to occupy our wardrobes. And as a practical, versatile addition to our ‘fits, that doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon. This pair, complete with cell phone pocket, is a steal.

Susada Harness Belt

Harness Seat Belts



Rigs and technical pieces are further examples of repurposed clothing that we’re all here for. Whether you’re hoping to climb a mountain or the social ladder, we’d advise copping this harness.

Columbia Mountain Zip Up

Mountain Full Zip



Our recent piece on the rise of outdoor wear explored how brands that were once used mostly for off-road adventures have forayed into more casual rotations. Read the piece and understand why this Columbia zip-up is a must-cop.

Wrangler Loose Fit Jeans