Just days after launching a free, ad-supported music streaming service to Alexa, it's been reported that a high-fidelity Amazon music streaming service is coming this year.

According to Engadget, Amazon is already in talks with major record companies and rights holders. This service offering "better than CD quality" music would compete with, and likely undercut, TIDAL and Deezer, both of which currently offer a high-fidelity streaming service for $20/month, whereas Amazon's will apparently cost $15/month.

Spotify and Apple Music currently don't offer a high-fidelity option, but Amazon already competes against the two streaming giants with its Amazon Music Unlimited service.

The downside to such high quality music, of course, is that the songs require a larger amount of data to stream, so this new service may not be ideal for customers with smaller data plans or who stream music when not connected to WiFi.

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