Israeli startup Sirin Labs has produced an ultra secure, titanium-clad Android smartphone that costs over $14,000.

Named Solarin, the device lets you toggle between a regular Android mobile and a locked-down, military-grade communications tool. When you're in the green and white, 8-bit skin safe mode, all but essential features are disabled, and both calls and text messages are encrypted. Your data is protected by 256-bit AES encryption, backed up by security firms Zimperium and Koolspan, and there's a concierge service that monitors your phone's security to warn you of incoming attacks.

When not in this full-fledged James Bond mode, it's just your average Android smartphone. A Snapdragon 810 chip and 4GB of RAM provides the power, and you'll also get 120GB of internal storage and a 23.8-megapixel, Sony-made camera with a quad-LED flash as standard.

It's being marketed at people who are worried about their calls and text messages being under observation, so mainly industry heavyweights, A-list stars and other ludicrously rich jet-setters. Indeed, Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy were spotted at the phone's launch. In essence, it's the world's first smartphone specifically designed to keep the data of the 1 percent safe and away from scrutiny. And for them, $14,000 is nothing.

Meanwhile, Apple has confirmed the iPhone 7 will finally feature 32 GB as base storage.

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