Electro-pop artist Anna of the North has been keeping us satisfied with heartfelt hits for the past five years now. Following a string of collaborations with Tyler, the Creator, Rejjie Snow, and HONNE, the follow-up to her debut album Lovers might finally be within reach as a new single has arrived called “Leaning On Myself.” In a press release, Anna Lotterud explained how the soothing song masks as an ode to self-care.

“I remember flying home from the States where we wrote it and I started crying,” she said. “I kind of realized I’d written the soundtrack of my life one year ago. There was a point in where I went through a lot of shit and I wasn’t feeling very well. I had one big breakdown where I called my mom and just knew I had to change my ways. I had to cut some people out of my life, people I loved but I knew weren’t really good for me. It was tough. But I’m good now. Every time I listen to this song it takes me back to that moment. It’s fucking sad, but also powerful. I’m very grateful for where I am today. In the end you only have yourself, you know, and I guess that’s OK.”

The accompanying video directed by Noah Lee follows a mystical Lotterud looking like the angel of music that she truly is and driving a New York taxi around an enchanted desert full of wholesome goats. If that imagery alone doesn’t steer your day in a more positive direction then nothing else will. Watch the dreamy visual unfold above and revisit our interview with the Norwegian artist here.

Words by Sydney Gore
Associate Music Editor

Softcore tastemaker at your service.

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