When it comes to outdoor gear, you’ll find that function trumps fashion nearly every time—especially as brands pile on bulk in the name of technical innovation. Perhaps that’s why labels like Outdoor Voices are so special: by minimizing extraneous details, the label has been a unique voice in creating athletic apparel that makes you look as good as you feel after an incredible workout. With A.P.C. investing in the New York label, kicking off the A.P.C.O.V. collection, their collaboration has become a forum that combines sport-level performance with the sleek design of the Parisian fashion brand.

The latest iteration of Outdoor Voices’ partnership with A.P.C. begins at the two parties shared focal point: the fabrics. Outdoor Voices’ signature fabrics—Textured Compression and Stretch Crepe—kick off a collection that’s filled with seamless knits, sweat-wicking materials, and a bevy of technical touches that make the capsule collection right at home both in the gym and on the sidewalk.

Naturally, with both labels’ respective history with stripped-down design, the collection keeps things simple with details like bonded seams, wrapped in a understated color palette centered around navy, tan, and various shades of gray.

While each side brings something unique to the table, it’s the pair’s shared aesthetic values that make the collaboration such a natural fit. Think of the A.P.C.O.V. collection like your go-to gym buddy: always keeping things fun and light, even when they’re seeing you sweat.

If flexing at the gym means more than lifting weights, head over to Outdoor Voices to grab your piece of the collaboration capsule collection.

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