apc quilts round 16
A.P.C. / Alfredo Piola

Next month A.P.C. will be launching a new collection of quilts, referred to as Round 16, as Jessica Ogden focuses on boarders through a more technical approach. Here, the quilts are named after pieces of classical music, such as "Prelude in E" or "Fugue in C," adhering to founder Jean Touitou's fondness for the poetry behind the naming of classical scores.

A.P.C.'s Round 16 finds cushions named for Italian terms describing the intention given to various parts of a classical piece. "Andante," for example, references a light and slightly rapid passage, while "Crescendo" signifies a gradual increase in intensity.

The gallery above showcases A.P.C.'s new quilts on top of Jamaica’s highest mountain, the Blue Mountain Peak, photographed by Alfredo Piola. You can look forward to the range launching in-store on April 25.

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