Lofted in a gutted industrial space in midtown Manhattan, a composed collection of 26 rare Italian machines await hungry eyes. Stuart Parr -- designer, architect, collector and producer of Eminem's "8 Mile" movie -- unveils "Art of the Italian Two Wheel," a showcase of his personal arsenal of motorcycles and street bikes. Parr has a sentiment for Italian builds from the 1960s and '70s, which many consider the golden age of motor design. Famous makers like Ducati, MV Agusta, Laverda and Magni hold a strong presence in the exhibit.

After chatting with Parr, we realized he is far from a normal collector: While most collectors carefully purchase, repair (if necessary) and store away their precious buys -- very much like art collectors -- Parr actually rides all of his rare cycles in the rough city streets of New York. We're not sure how effective of an investment that is on a $250,000 MV Agusta, but that doesn't seem to be why Parr got into collecting in the first place. If you're even slightly interested in motorcycles or simply have an eye for beautiful design, this show is a must-see.

The show opens tomorrow, April 18, at 6pm.

Art of the Italian Two Wheel 285 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022

  • Photography:Thomas Welch/

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