Print culture is on the up. Whether it’s via high-quality coffee table book for Sunday reading or small-scale indie zines that lie around for free in your favorite store, a new wave of creative forces are seeing the potential of real-world physical print.

London photographer Arthur Richardson is one of them. The 15-year-old’s first book, BELGARD, is a simple, raw documentation of figures intrinsic to current culture but placed back-to-back with candid shots of local heroes and characters in Richardson's life. Completely self-funded by Richardson, BELGARD is the product of 12 months of work and is published via independent publisher Kiosk. From Blondey McCoy, to Cosmo Pyke, Ryan Hawaii, Sonny Hall, and even Goscha Rubchinskiy himself, 65 candid black and white images capture them in chilled, straightforward style.

The book launches with the support of EJDER and the London streetwear institution’s continued community work. A selection of the images will be shown alongside the book at OPEN-FORUM1, a new independent biennale hosted by EJDER. Held in London’s former Old Street underground station, OPEN-FORUM1 aims to support and give a valid (commercial) platform to the next generation of artists from London and around the world.

Take a peek at the incredible shots from BELGARD, above. Follow Arthur Richardson and EJDER on the 'gram, and visit EJDER to find out how you can get involved in OPEN-FORUM1.

BELGARD drops May 12 from 4 p.m. BST at KIOSK.

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